Why you should join us

What to expect

Quality Chess Academy is a chess training camp and takes place in a holiday resort on Crete, a sunny Mediterranean island. For a week, you get the chance to train daily on Chess with some of the best chess trainers in the world and get inspired to continue your work at home.
Quality Chess Academy can be combined with playing the Quality Chess Academy Norm tournament, before the training camp.

In November 2018 GM Jacob Aagaard and GM Boris Gelfand were the chess trainers. An amazing experience and a boost in chess performance, resulting in a participant to cross 2700 ELO shortly afterwards and securing an Internation Master (IM) title for another.

Inspired by the overwhelmingly positive feedback for the November 2018 camp we decided to organise a camp for 8-14 May 2019. GM RB Ramesh joined Jacob as a trainer for a very successful camp for players of all levels. In the titled group (IMs and GMs), we got some very impressive results; a championship, many second places, a GM title and a few norms, +50-60 points up in a few cases, +30 in some others, with the biggest ELO gain +86 points for that group. In the non-titled group, things improved a lot as well, with +65 ELO points the biggest gain and we hope to celebrate the IM title soon!

Encouraged by these results and by the fact that many participants want to come back, we decided that two chess training camps we needed for 2020. One in June 2020, 8-14 and one in October 2020, 12-18. But Coronavirus happened…

So, we are preparing for October 2021!

The concept remains the same; top Quality Chess training for every participant. The camp will mainly consist of work in groups, based on rating.
Our promise is that the camp will be designed to benefit grandmasters and club players alike.

Join us in Crete, bring your friends and family, enjoy a chess holiday for yourself and let them enjoy the amazing resort themselves!

You can find more information on our website, on our Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/qualitychessacademy or send an email to info@qualitychessacademy.com.


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What makes us unique

Chess training doesn’t have to be expensive.
We offer you the chance to train side by side with people that you follow their games and understand what  you don’t understand.

The mission

To provide the best chess training in the world at an affordable price.

The story

We could have these camps anywhere in the world, but Kallia insists that chess players sould enjoy the sun. So, Crete is the destination.

Our values

Come, listen and learn. It has worked for Sam Shankland, Boris Gelfand, Adhiban Baskaran. It can work for you.

Our team

GM Jacob Aagaard is our headcoach and other great trainers join him every year.

We would love to hear from you!

If you want to stay in touch and learn all about the upcoming camps, press bellow.