Head coach Jacob Aagaard has  20-year experience in organising training camps with famous coaches such as Mark Dvoretsky, Artur Yusupov, Mihail Marin, Lars Schandorff, Nigel Short, Tibor Karolyi, Tiger Hillarp-Persson and others. He has the last few years held camps in Glasgow, Edinburgh and participated in training camps on three continents. The following testimonials are all from 2017 and 2018.


GM Pier Luigi Basso (2600), Italy
Coming to Jacob’s camp has showed me how much work was needed to progress in chess, and how far was my application comparing to other players.
When I understood this, it has changed me completely as a chess player.

GM Miguel Santos (2591), Spain
I’ve been in many of Jacob camps and always enjoyed all of them,
He has a different approach on understanding Chess Improvement, and once you internalize it, you realise how much you have been missing and how much you can improve!

GM Iván Salgado López (2643), Spain
I have read most of Jacob Aagaard’s books. I always enjoyed them and thought it would be interesting to have training sessions with him. I learned a lot about myself at the July camp, about how I think. Most importantly, Jacob showed me a path to improvement. Now it is all up to me!

GM Mads Andersen (2601), Denmark
I have participated in Jacob Aagaard’s training camps twice – 2017 and 2018. Every day of both camps have been filled with great training that has not only sharpened my chess and given valuable input on places where I could improve, but also inspired me to work just as hard once I returned home.
All participants (and the coach ) were friendly as well as strong chess players. Spending a week in such company, offered me a great time, as well as a chance to learn something and to improve.

GM Sabino Brunello (2555), Italy
I was Jacob’s student for many years (2006 till 2012). He is a great coach as well as a friend and I’m very thankful for all of his lessons both in and out of the chessboard. Ironically my greatest achievements of winning the Wjik Aan Zee C-group with 11/13, achieving a 2600+ rating and soon after qualification to the World Cup, happened right after we stopped working together, it was obvious that they were the fruit of our previous efforts. Thank you Jacob!

GM G.A. Stany (2526), Trickystan
The chess camp organized by Mr Aagaard was a mirror for me to understand my strengths and weaknesses. The group was a mix of strong GMs and IMs and I found it really interesting to see how players of different strengths think and react to different situations.
Jacob is a man of wisdom and a task master. The amount of analysis he has done on many chess positions is mind boggling. He was always ahead of us in the chess analysis, but I did manage to beat him once in badminton – a great consolation for me!
Special mention goes to Kallia who worked really hard to make our stay comfortable. She is an excellent cook, which was a bonus of the camp.

GM Swayams Mishra (2479), India
The July 2018 camp was intensive and high quality training with strong players from all over the world. It was a super friendly atmosphere with everyone coming together as a group.
Jacob has already proved that he is one of the best trainers in the world. His methods were quite unique and I am sure the training has helped me improve as a player.

IM Koen Leenhouts (2475), Netherlands
In July 2018 I visited Jacob’s training camp in Glasgow. It was a wonderful experience where I met some great people. I would whole-heartily recommend Jacob as a trainer. He really pushes you to reach your potential. His preparation is meticulous and his organisation quite strict.
On the first day with all the tough training material I felt like such a lousy chess player, but day after day I felt my chess muscles growing. The camp was very motivating for me to keep working on chess in a consistent manner and to try to improve slowly, but surely.
What I did not expect to be so instructive, was working in a group. We were eight people and I learned a lot from the other players’ inputs. If I can get the days off of work, I will surely visit his camps again.

IM Fenil Shah (2412), India
Jacob’s training methods are truly unique, which made the camp intense and fun. The difficulty of the training positions was exorbitant, forcing you to push yourself. Working with other strong players during the camp was a great opportunity to interact and learn from them as well. I would strongly recommend attending Jacob’s training camps to understand how one should work to become a chess professional.