The first instalment of the Quality Chess Academy will be hosted at the Lyttos Resort, near Heraklion, Greece. The trainers will be Grandmasters Boris Gelfand and Jacob Aagaard.

As this is the first camp and we want to acquire some experience before we open up for a larger audience, we have limited the participation to the following:

  • Grandmasters
  • International Masters
  • Women Grandmasters
  • Players with a rating of 2300 on a FIDE list at some point during 2018

Confirmed participants:

GM Sam Shankland US 2722
GM Adhiban Baskaran India 2671
IM Renier Castellanos Spain 2505
IM Jonas Rosner Germany 2424
John Pigott England 2386
FM James P Jackson England 2380
Krishan Jhunjhnuwala US 2340
Alexander Longson England 2329