After our trial run November 2018, where participation was somewhat limited (giving us a chance to learn how to run a camp), we are now organizing a camp for players of all levels, 8-14 May 2019.

Grandmasters Jacob Aagaard and RB Ramesh will be our coaches.

The camp will mainly consist of work in groups, based on rating. Our promise is that the camp will be designed to benefit grandmasters and club players alike. You can find the schedule below and you need to remember that not everything is mandatory!

The dates are carefully chosen to make it possible to participate in nearby GM/IM Norm Heraklion Tournament and Heraklion 26th OPEN, both 29/4 – 7/5/2019, and Hersonissos Open 15-23/5, which is taking place at the same hotel as the camp, Hotel Lyttos. More details about the tournaments on the pdf file here, the Cretan Chess Tour website here or you can just email the organiser, Kostas Klokas, on

Registration for May 2019 is now closed.


May 2019 Camp Schedule

Theme of the day
Wednesday 8th MayPaths to chess improvement (19.30-21.00)
Thursday 9th MayEffective decision making
Friday 10th MayAspects of positional chess
Saturday 11th MayAnalysis and debate of participants’ games
Sunday 12th MayOpposite coloured bishops
Monday 13th MayHow to continue at home
Tuesday 14th May10–12.30 Feedback and Q&A 
Daily schedule, Thursday 9th – Monday 13th May
10–11.30 Training with group coach
11.45–12.45 Workshop
12.45–13.15 Feedback on workshop
14.45–16.15 Assembly lecture
16.30–18.00 Group training with rotating coach
20.00–Evening activity
Assembly Lecture of the Day
Wednesday 8th MayPaths to chess improvement (Aagaard & Ramesh)
Thursday 9th MayTechnique (Jacob Aagaard)
Friday 10th MaySmall Steps Two (Sam Shankland)
Saturday 11th MayCommon mistakes in Calculation (Ramesh)
Sunday 12th MayOpposite coloured bishops (Jacob Aagaard)
Monday 13th MayPractising at home on our own (Ramesh)
Plausible evening activities (outside the programme activities)
Thursday 9th MayChess Quiz hosted by Kallia
Friday 10th MayGroup 2 Simul against Sam Shankland
Saturday 11th MayBlitz tournament
Sunday 12th MayNight off…
Monday 13th MaySalgado Lecture, & Inflatable Unicorn Race